Priime Pack - Biosense Clinic
Priime Pack - Biosense Clinic
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Priime Pack

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Priime Pack includes:
  • Sentry - 15ml
  • Escape - 10ml
  • Ice - 5ml
  • Calm - 15ml

Priime easy-to-use blends not only address specific complaints, but also deliver a host of other benefits that help naturally shift you towards a more balanced life. With Priime, less really is more. Each and every drop of Priime oils contains infinite benefits.

Priime’s Essential Oils Qualities:
  • 100% Pure, potent, and natural therapeutic grade oils
  • Certified organic
  • Completely free of artificial or synthetic ingredients, fillers, constituents, or toxins
  • Third party certified
  • Energetically Infused - Brings Priime Essential Oils into natural harmony with the energy of the human body, creating the most effective essential oil therapies you can get


Relaxing Blend for Quiet Moments

Ease frustration, restore composure, and promote tranquility with calming essences of neroli orange flower, Melissa leaf, lavender, and damas rose oil. Energetically infused for optimal effectives, Calm brings a bright, uplifting fragrance straight from Mother Nature.


Soothing Blend for Cooling Relief

Cool and soothe sore muscles with peppermint and white camphor bark, essences prized for targeting and calming tension. Black pepper seed oil helps stimulate blood flow to the skin, and natural analgesics birch and wintergreen leaf relieve tension on contact. Energetically infused for maximum potency, Ice penetrates quickly to reach deep muscle pain for long-lasting relief.


Relieving Blend to Lift Tension

This energetically infused, mood-lifting blend combines fragrant helichrysum, soothing Roman chamomile flower, and precious frankincense. Intense oils from the mint family create a cooling and penetrating relief that naturally lifts tension and quiets the mind when Escape is applied to the temples and base of the neck.


Defensive Blend for Natural Protection

This naturally cleansing and fragrant blend harnesses the cleansing power of cinnamon bark, clove bud, ravensara, and tea tree leaf oils to keep your home and family clean inside and out. Natural antimicrobial compounds in the essences of Sentry combined with energetic infusion, support the immune system when taken orally, and purify the air when used in a diffuser.